(Wayoo, woii oii)
(Wayoo, woii oii)
(Wayoo, woii oii)
(Wayoo, woii oii)
(Wayoo, woii oii)
(Wayoo, woii oii)
(Wayoo, woii oii)
(Wayoo, woii oii)

Personal problem
People problems
We people got to solve dem
(We got to solve dem)
Problems (see the wars, only wars)
Big problems
Small problems
Still we got to solve dem
(We better solve dem)

Settle for less is problems
We could do our best and solve dem
Stop wishing and waiting
Stop meditating on a fairy tale

Problems (government starvation)
Problems (human separation)
Problems (segregation)
We got to solve dem
Ain't got no use for what you refuse yourself
Now, why should man abuse
Man god like self

(North, south, east, west)
All over the world there are problems
Who cause dem, sure got the cure
Stop wishing, stop waiting, stop mistaking
Problems (problems)

[Musical Interlude]

Settle for less is problems
We got to do our best and solve dem
Stop wishing, stop waiting, stop thinking of a fairy tale

Problems (war, drugs and poverty)
Money problems (blood shed bring shame)
Woman problems (what you gonna do)
Political problems
Religious problems
Race problem
Life problem
Break it up

Problems (wayoo, woii oii)
Personal problems (wayoo, woii oii)
People problems (wayoo, woii oii)
We people must solve dem (wayoo, woii oii)
Problems, human problems (wayoo, woii oii)
The family problems (wayoo, woii oii)
I know we gonna solve dem (wayoo, woii oii)
Problems (wayoo, woii oii)
Colour problem (wayoo, woii oii)
Any problem (wayoo, woii oii)
Yes, we have to solve dem (wayoo, woii oii)
Ain't got no use (wayoo, woii oii)
For what you refuse yourself (wayoo, woii oii), hey
Why should man abuse (wayoo, woii oii)
Man god like self (wayoo, woii oii)
Hey, someone got a problem (wayoo, woii oii)
Personal problem (wayoo, woii oii)
People problem (wayoo, woii oii)
Come now let us solve dem...

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