Vybz Kartel - Teacher (Lyricist Pt. 2)

Tek up your textbook
Before me reach the next hook
Mek sure you put your best foot forward else you get the vex look!
Brains boil up like the porridge weh the chef cook
Lyrics stump you like Ricardo
With the straight right and the left hook - you get shook
Gyal if you sick da song yah is your antidote, come tek jook
No procrastination, come fi vaccination
Chemical reaction, anti-oxidation
Keep you fresh, keep you young
Gaza rise the nation without explanation (awoh)

[Verse 1]
Good morning class, stand up when I'm in class
I'm the man dem call the boss, master fi the Performing Arts
Me lyrical from me Clarks
Through me body parts, pass through all me heart
Straight up to the brain that creates all me thoughts
That's why dem song yah deadly like the poison 'pon the darts
But the words dem and the melody sweeter than the plantain tarts
Even workers at the morgue, ask me why the corpse react to my remarks
Don't be scared youth, you're safe like the vaults
And, inna the dance the thugs a look the princesses
With Vybz Kartel lyrics dem and gesturing for emphasis, like
Hello my dear! your style full up of intricacies
You smile bright like the sun! Miss photosynthesis
Your beauty seen clearly like me looking through ten glasses
And if you're lucky, me must get back me visa at the embassy
Loving and sincerity is all that my agenda is
No mix-up, that a blender biz, me Mr. and you Mrs.

Tune a ring inna your ears like bell
The real gangster dem buckup inna Kartel and say (oh oh oh!)
Gaza no stop sell (oh oh oh!)
And every gyal can tell
She say, Addi a me fi be the Teacha's pet
Everything Teacha want a weh Teacha get
She say! (oh oh oh!)
Gyal love me to death (oh oh oh!)
And a Gaza she say

[Verse 2]
Gaza boys and girls this is your semester
The students 'pon the other side sick me stomach
Like a child molester
Ask the question I'm the Gaza prime minista'
A fi dem artiste run dancehall? (I can't recall)
Me full a tricks
Call it say a me a Phillips
Plus the gyal dem say me have sweeter lyrics
Free from gimmicks
Everything is 'Teacha that' and 'Teacha this'
'Cause me is the illest
Call me Worl' Boss, call me extra large
'Cause me is the biggest
Then me park the Benz and roll out 'pon me new bike
Me do Clarks but you do Nike if that's what you like
Gyal see me from afar
Like police when dem turn on the blue light
And a say Kartel! me love you more than two life
Time fi unno homework
Diss your program like a robot
What's the similarity between me lyrics and a doughnut? (Sweet eeh!)
And gimme me meds dem?
Is it something weh me crush out, then me roll up?
School over! The textbook dem fi fold up

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