Vybz Kartel - Struggle

Tada tada ta tata
Fi the youth dem inna the struggle
Oooh.. tat tada tada
Ghetto youth like the teacher, ya dig!
Tada tada ta tata
But we love life now
Oooh.. tat tada tada

[Verse 1]
Me grow with four sista, one bredda
Mother and me father weh keep we together
Although ghetto life tough like leather
Strong family will survive any weather
To me family 'pon the corner
We sidung and bill an' burn marijuana
Three man a wish one day fi get rich
Gyal stop call me Addi, now a Mr. Palmer
Fi the youth dem weh sleep 'pon the streetside
The gyal dem weh dance gogo, gyal, still keep your pride
Clothes and food haffi buy
Nuh man nah gi' you nothing, the system nah provide
Fi the prisoner a GP, Spanish Town
Horizon, guncourt, the boatside
The deathtrap you fi avoid, from you have life
House we live inna, big bike we ride

That's why me shed a tear
Fi all the thugs that have died
Sing along with me
That's why me shed a tears
Fi all the thugs that have died
Sing we miss you
That's why me shed a tears
Fi all the youths that have tried
That's why me shed a tear
Me know dem try
Me love life

Tada tada ta tata
Oooh.. tat tada tada
From you cherish the life you live
Tada tada ta tata, hmm..
Tat tada tada
The most precious thing to me

[Verse 2]
When me a drive inna the Lexus
Fi link a gyal fi mek a flex just
Like that, me mind flash right back
To the days when me a walk up and down
And haffi tek bus
Notnice, dem expect us
Fi turn statistic drop off a the census
Ghetto youth dem waan fi kill first
The leaders of society, but a who a build us
Gimme a light too, fi light me spliff first
Babylon cyaan trick us
We go school, dem a kick us
We rent room, dem evict us
But me meditate like this
Me meditate like this
No matter wha' gwaan inna me life
From me have life, everything kriss

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