Vybz Kartel & Squash - Beat Dem Bad

[Intro: Squash & Vybz Kartel]
Yo, Addi
Yo, yo
Wha' gwaan?
Why pree?
Heh, 6ix (Gaza)

[Verse 1: Squash & Vybz Kartel]
Everybody cups up
Everybody fuck up (fucked up)
Fi the girls me got loves
If you know what I mean
She say Addi love fuck
Get your pussy pumped up
(belly pumped up)
Fi the thugs me got drugs, if you know what I mean
Dark shades and me white tees
Pick up me car keys
Cuban link and me Nike's
When the girl see we dem say we white-eeh, hype-eeh
See me and a come a beg a light, gyal you're right
I will be your buddy fi the night
You no regular, you're like a Porsche or a kite
Tell God bless you every night
Inna me prayers

[Chorus: Squash & Vybz Kartel]
Couple million inna the Louis bag
We still a beat dem bad
WorlBoss, 6ixBoss, dem a mad
Gaza nation a beat dem bad
Bwoy dem a gwaan like gyal, a weh your pad?
Me no haffi brag, your gyal a gi' we job (oh, God)

6ix nation a beat dem bad
Fi we world

[Verse 2: Vybz Kartel & Squash]
Three leather belt, two 'matic and a mag
We still a beat dem bad
Drive out inna the Jag', watch the rest a dem a jog
Running from the mob
(dem know dem a mad)
Haffi mek it inna life
Money a me slave a it me colonize
Me no see no Ty, a just the dollar sign
Who a sell eeh weed? A now a fire time
Tell Optimus a higher prime
This a one yah have me nose
Big belly 'matic weh no lef' under me clothes
Topple dem like dominoes
Rodney show, me how fi lock the globe
Suite inna Paris inna Versace robe
Gyal below, I got the code

Browning foot deh 'pon the dashboard
In her draws weh she got the Glock load
Portmore, yeah, the whole a back road
Any time the team roll out, yeah we block road
Gyal tek Atto phone, tek me snap code
Do we owna thing and keep it relevant doh
Keep we ease on, a no elephant toe

[Outro: Squash]
Everybody cups up (cups up, cups up)
Everybody fuck up (fucked up, fucked up)
(Everybody fuck up)
(Everybody cups up)

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