Vybz Kartel - Nice Tingz (Intro)

Yo, goodie
A me fi tell you say some a dem gyal yah fi walk and kotch a man yard fi get nice thing
All dem big pussy gyal dem nah no bloodclaat shame fi all itch up 'pon a man weh nah gi' dem shit
All man weh not even live nowhere inna one bedroom with dem four bloodclaat pickney
Me could a never tek up a man weh nah gi' me nice things
Me haffi tek man weh a gi' me the dividends dem
Some broad face gyal weh have buck tooth and big tooth
Me no like dem kinda bomboclaat gyal deh bloodclaat a think dem can walk and style me
After you nah've good things goodie
Aye, hah
Mek me tell you sup'm big pussy gyal, you could a never style me cah my man haffi gi' me nice things
Oh! Ooo! Oh!

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