Vybz Kartel - Mofraudo

Yo, hear me say, a big man thing
Jah know, star
Wha' happen to pusshole Mofraudo (wha' do dem)
Wha' happen to batty boy Nook and David Brooks
Hear me a say man
Pussy dem a chat and a trace enuh (hmm)
And dem fi know say a Kartel waan bloodclaat Angel enuh
Unno a the biggest informer (yeah)
'Cause your end shoot up, you run go report it inna Gleaner
Like you tek man fi bomboclaat junior and I'm your senior
You see me inna Bimmer (how you mean)
Gunshot blow like Katrina
You need help from FEMA
Suck your mother, dawg, face batty boy
No bad like even me shoelace
Hey Singer Blinga, wha' do some pussy

[Verse 1]
None a dem pussy deh cyaan call Mr. Palmer informer
Send him to the balmer
Diss Kartel, you a go get murder like your father
Real life war unno rather
Me never kill a barber, but if a so a so rise the lama
Pear badman name Palmer, Tristan, Mocha from Payneland
Wha' do some pussy with second-hand Jeep and few name brand
Sing some funeral Psalms when me rise dem arms yah
Feel say you bad come shoot up the Gaza
Real informer, no clown Missa Palmer
You run to reporters like Lorna
You strap up with pad not armour
Go call me name inna Gleaner
The last man, drive past your corner a go lay you chuck inna
Everybody know, informer that's what you are
Say me shoot up your ends inna my owna car
How you fi gimme hype when you beg me par
And me write five songs gi' you, turn you inna star
Talk 'bout badman place, who cut you inna your damn face?
Roach tell you me bow, wrong man wrong place
Dahlia wipe her pussy 'pon your long face
Copper scatter head twenty-one place
Me and Singer Blinga never stop par, a the don so
You diss your songwriter weh name Tanso
Him write, 'Wha' dem a say?'
Rise up the nanko, mek your marrow fly like jancro
'Bout me cyaan go Portmore you a lip trace
Me lock the scheme from Boston to Fifth Phase
Glock paste bare fat shot inna your dog-face
Dump him a dyke you no deserve the morgue space
We chop man, we no chop furniture
The gyal you a min' a try mek her richer
She a fuck one a my friend in your apartment
'pon your bed under your picture
A me say Portmore have the Askela
How me fi lef' Portmore frass fella?
Earthworm please warn fin-hand bredda
Or man a go open him head like umbrella

The Teacha no bleacher
The chop inna your face, you a rub with Noxema
Mofraudo, 'member you have a battyman bredda
And your mother still suffer, so weh me fi bad mind fah?

[Verse 2]
'Bout X5
Me Harrier, the Bimmer, the Honda
Add up to wha', 8.8 million
Me buy a house fi me mother, mine big like pavilion
You come a hype 'bout crappy van
'Member the house weh your mother live, likkle like patty van
Termite a nyam it like how you a nyam Yvonne
Rah, you been acting 'pon, Uzi from Ackee Pond
Marrow nah fly, that vanish like magician
Sell out which dads, how dads fi get sell out
How dem a dads and a nyaming Michelle out
Fi him bow tongue soon fell out
When dem fling you through glass up a Spring, did you yell out?
Nah kill no man and him shot off Tiger foot
That's why God set your finger like a nook
Addi crack skull like egg inna oil a cook
Dem a no gangster, dem a gangster designer look
Hold on, your babymother name Dahlia
Say you suck more than mosquitoes carrying malaria
You no bad, you a pussy inna badman area, no fit the criteria
Busy see me weh day and run, but me nah run him dung (why)
'Cause if you run dung your shadow now, you will never catch it
News bulletin

Mofraudo, the failure
You catch the soldier-man inna the house a fuck Dahlia
You rush the soldier and you get fucked up
People a no long time a since him buss weh day yah

The end of dem, that is

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