Vybz Kartel - Life Story

Yo, ghetto youth have to make it life
No matter what them do
The best comes from the worst
Today fi you, tomorrow for me
A the teacher

[Verse 1]
Me never know me would a buss
From me an mummy use to tekk the buss
From third world me never know me would a lock the first world
With new style and new flows
Like weh 'Pac say, who know!
The Bimmer, the Lexus the new Royce
Me a free from likkle pickney days inna school clothes
When me shoes the tear out you could a see a few toes
Me house pack and leaking the house hot we sleeping
We house rot, we bounce back when me daddy announce that
We move into Portmore, the sun shine the sea shore
It still better, but me still a pree more
From long time me stop 'par with Babylon and mix guns and weed selling
Thugs did things fi me collar hype up and sweet smelling
Cops carraling, yelling don't move, we won't prove
Dem lock we up we get bail, nex' day we set sail like big ship
Same stuff, we mother say me name cruff
But still we remain tuff cah better must come

Yo, Jah no Stephen, yo, me a likkle youth, star
Me father don have a son, see wha' me a say
A likkle component yet still and
As a youth me usually watch all me uncle dem DJ 'pon it and thing and
You see me bare big man and dem da burn all dem weed
And dem thing deh as a likkle youth, dawg
Yo, me no know me jus'
Wish me could a be like dem
You see me

[Verse 2]
Me never know me would a buss
And thugs a say Addi the dadda
See it dey it feel good fi buy a house fi me mother
When me son have birthdays, anything he want him get
And a no nothing when me a youth a backstroke me use get
Me use to haffi beg a spliff, a rizzla, a cigarette
If me no hustle a road I could not own yet
Me never pree fi own car me, own home, me own jet
Dutty chat mek me mouth wet now me see outlet
Inna the suffer and the hunger
A police name blood waan kill me when me younger
Him yuni have a gun weh roll thunder
Circle if he a murder me but God say a never fill me number
Me use to pray to Father God at night time
To make me parents dem live fi see Addi turn somebody
Me love mommy, me love daddy
Same love me gi' to Rahiem, and Jahiem and Chayen
Me a me sons daddy

Yo big man thing still, Buju Banton first time me go studio
And hear da youth they me checks da DJ thing
But me a put dung the artist thing one time, me nah lie
And a next time too, yo some bwoy a order phone
Uzza pussy dem tru Warrior King and dem they buss before me
The bwoy and dem so high and ballon man they worthless
You see wha' man a did man, like a fool

[Verse 3]
Me never know me would a buss
2k2 was the year, a grey dry fi ear, Kartel of career
Like trilla me change gear, better each lyric
When me member ppl use to say you nah buss, you a gimmick
Dem 'affi watch me now 'pon dem TV
Or pay fi see me my presents no free
Nuff girls used to call Addi iron ballon
Now me walking 'pon dem like floor in a room
The first police weh lock me up fo disrespect
Me was a joy, ask me weh me do
Me say artist, him say me unemployed
Lock me up, me no have no lawyer, so a jail me sleep in
And now me pass him inna the Bimmer
Who a the man? Who a the boy?
No matter who you is, where you from, who you are
Ghetto youth, we need money, nuff house and nuff car
From you black, you a nigga, every nigga is a star
Who no like that? Drop a sleep

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