Vybz Kartel - Imagine

Smoking without police provoking
Hennessy, the thugs dem a holding, drinking
All a the garrison dem linking
Sufferation disappear, strictly big thinking
Everybody bossy, European fashion mostly
Political system, sinking
House of parliament, bare Rasta ruling
Computer rise every level of public schooling

Me free up every prison
Who nah behave get the black range jizing
Legalize herbs, cah you done a sell rizzla
Whole a we a one, stop gangs an'
Then demolish every boardhouse, build dem a mansion
Smooth out ghetto road, ghetto people
Travelling and, not just the one to Clarendon
Every black man is the big man
No more guns and criminal
Each man bringing in a gun
Get 15 million US, seven house 'pon the hill
Four escas, four Range Rover, 1000 acres minimal
Subliminal 'pon TV
No bootlegger 'round here buy the artist dem CD
No HIV, no VD, no gonorrhoea, no syphilis, no STD

Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - money
Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - power
Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - respect
Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - a the teacher
Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - big life
Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - success
Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - freedom
Open up your mind black people

Free for the ladies
Free kiddies accessories for the babies
Hundred dollar gi' you Honda, nanny fi yah Lexus
One grand gi' you a Mercedes
No mad disease fi the cow, no pox fi the chicken
The homeless dogs without rabies
School fee extinct, like in the 80s
Free school, bag and book fi turn pages
Minimum wages, 10.000 US, a week
That a fi the man weh, just a sweep the street
Helper, gardener, man weh mix concrete, like Jerital
Everybody life complete

Before me figet, I would ban the sell of cigarette
Every fisherman get a Rolls Royce
Boat and a Bimmer net, how considerate
Zero tolerance fi a rapist
If you murder, you get murder
Jamaica food selling inna every fast food store
Instead a dutty burger
Fi further, money fi third world yah
Sound system fi play louder
Dancehall music a someting fi we prouder
Imagine free health care fi the sickly
Prison fi a man weh no mind him pickney
Reggae music fi run the world strictly
Chris Kelly damaging fi bigger than Britney
Daniella name dem fi bigger than Whitney
Yeah! Believe it or not like Ripley
Weh Teacher say

Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - triumph
Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - glory
Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - victory
Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - the teacher
Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - new world
Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - timely
Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine - uh oh
Imagine - I'm-I'm-imagine


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