U Roy - Wake The Town

Wake the town and tell the people
'Bout the musical disc coming your way

Now, wake the town and tell the people
I've got a musical disc I can't afford to delay
I could play the musical disc well straight
It's crabbit, so crabbit, like an Alabama rabbit

Do it, baby, do it
You can wake it up, baby, you can wake it up
Shake it up, baby, but don't break it up, you know, girl
Do your song, baby, do your song
Do your song but never you be wrong
Gonna play it on strong, strong, strong, strong!
Shoo-bee-shoo-bee-shoo-bee-shoo-bee, I love you so
And I want the world to know, you know girl

I say
Musical disc

Shake baby, shake that riddim on your feet
Shake what your mama gave you
Coming on strong as I would say
Strong, strong, strong
As I would say in any way

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