Tribal Seeds - Warning (ft. Sonny Sandoval)

This is your warn, warning!
Come again, in a rugged style!
Born in Babylon, but raised by Jah.
Modern school system inferior.
In the east, come hail Lion Conqueror,
Give I the teachings of the Scripture.
Media brainwash center,
Spreading lies and spreading war rumours.
Propaganda, me beg for more truth, sir,
Give me no words of an impostor.
No you can't run from truth, sir,
Give me the words of Lion of Judah.
Cunning is the tongue of a false preacher,
Down pressing the youth for sensimilla.
Focus them attention on little matter,
Pressure everything to accept system.
Sodom and Gomorrah is the USA's warning,
When Tafari looked down he saw not one good man of them.
Tragedy and calamity believe is upon us,
Armageddon shall show her face on all us.
In the east, straight to the west,
Fire couldn't stop Ras from spread this message.
In the north, down to the south,
Ice couldn't freeze the waves of this sound, come down.
Come down! This is your warn, warning!

From the east to the west, from the north to the south!
Revelation time! Armageddon come!
I say who Jah bless, no man curse.
So we ready, for the youth dem getting restless.

Born in Babylon but raise by Jah,
I man a watchman of the Saviour.
Come down with a crash like lightning thunder,
Almighty I, blessed Yeshua.
Rest my head, Jah will smash the curse we under,
And I will sing while the world wonder.
Come down, come down, Lord..
Come down, come down.
Rise up and judge the world politician,
The batty boy system,
The government's decision and the one world religion.
The human condition, Hollywood's rendition,
The holy definition and the evil that we live in.
And break the soul of the man that I have been,
The freedom of sin is the song of redemption.
It's all I have so I won't give in,
If anyone no love Jah then the curse be on him.
Come now, come now Lord,
Come now, come now.

Warning! Open your ears to a new sound coming!

Heed to the wonders and the signs, Jah's returning.
Test my heart and mind! God is my defence!
Judge me oh Jah according to my righteousness!

Jah is not the kind to strike without warning,
Only to those who are foolishly ignoring.

The wisdom and the knowledge of his word given to me,
Has been written on my heart so I will not be deceived!

So feed me no bs of an imposter,
They are the ones who shall reap disaster.

Mercy to those, Judgement comes with fire,
I know my enemy, when he speaks he's a liar.

Words like a razor, weapon of choice, sir, And when me dead me voice shall be heard after. Hating what they fear, yes they are the cowards.

O' Jah has spoken up against this place,
That he will cut it off and nothing living shall remain.
Throw away your scrolls when Jeremiah calls!

All you shall witness when Babylon fall!

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