Tribal Seeds - Creator

Thanks and praises to Creator, Creator,
Creator of nature, creator of sensimilla.
Creator of ganja; sprang out of Solomon's rest place,
And he who smoke it shall obtain knowledge.
Skanking on the rock, meditation,
Ancestor blood, ancestor I roots.
Rasta thunder roll on Babylon tools, roll!
Rasta thunder roll on wicked demons, roll!
Jah fire ago burn Babylon, oh Jah,
Jah let your Judgement triumph over evil doers,
Let them feel lightning and fire.
For they know not the minute in this Iwah,
Look around you I say,
There is no blemish in Jah work today.
Trees give us air to breathe, sun give us energy,
Water quench I thirst, plant bring forth food to eat.
What kind of man could create such creation?
What luck of an explosion, tis is no cool incidence.
There is no scientist explanation.

Creator! Creator! Oh Jah, oh Rasta!
Creator! Creator! Oh Jah, oh Rasta!

I shall never lose my faith, for the sun rise each day,
Receive air always, I and I must give thanks and praise.
Through herb we meditate, through herb we meditate,
Incorruptible seed is the word of Jah.
And the flower of the field is the glory of man,
Yes, the flower withers and the glory fades away.
But the incorruptible seed endures always.

Creator! Creator! Oh Jah!
Creator! Creator! Oh Jah!

So many think just smoking make a Rasta,
Rasta know the truth, it is written in the Kebra.
Through the son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba,
Said the power move from Jerusalem to Ethiopia.
Herbal inspiration through ganja,
Sun grow the hemp, sun give I power.
Elements of lightning, thunder, water, brimstone, and fire,
Rhythm of life in this reggae musica.

Alpha and Omega! Oh Jah, oh Rasta!
Creator! Creator! Oh Jah, oh Rasta!

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