Toots & Maytals - Feel Alright

God is writing on the wall,
See His writing every day.
And whatever He say in the Bible,
It is coming every day more and more.
I got to shout in the Father's name,
And I'll feel so wonderful.

I feel the spirit deep down,
Keep me moving day by day,
I feel alright.
I feel alright.
I feel alright.
I feel alright.

Sing a song out to the nation,
For we are a great nation.
We don't need no sufferation,
For we're all educated.

God is moving on me,
He is moving all around me.
He plods His foot upon the sea,
And He rise up on the stone.
I got to bend down on my knee,
And pray so wonderful.
Yes I feel the spirit got me,
Push me, take me day by day.

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