Tanya Stephens - Welcome To The Rebelution

If you're reading the booklet
Or you're listening to track one
You're evidence that the rebelution has begun.
You're not a statistic, no matter how many or few,
In reality all I need to change this shit is you.

Came to pass in the days of glorifying everything wrong,
That the stand up for girls became a bra and a thong.
Wholesome values like curling up with a good book and a bong,
Went out the window along with making a good song.

Everybody's got a new image, new management team.,
New lawyers negotiating new dreams.
Even if they come true, I still wouldn't wanna be ya,
Got everything new except a new idea.

Why do I get the feeling I heard all this before?
Yes, yes, because I heard it before.
and I'm sure I'm gonna hear it some more,
'Cause everybody thinks he's the one who invented being a boar

If these is the last days then I'm using the music,
As my Jesus save me from this musical slavery
When non-believers try tuh nail my hand to the mike stand,
And get by with a lot of my fans.
They've given me so much, I think it's only fair I stay in touch,
With a movement every year it's a steady improvement
Stay grounded and not get caught up in this illusion,
'Cause that's a problem and right now I'm only in to solutions.

So I say it to you now, the rebelution is urgent,
Stand before you not as queen, but as your humble servant.
Fake leaders claim thrones without building kingdoms,
Same as the music business in Kingston.

We need to fight for the future for our daughters and sons,
Instead you're trippin' your brothers, fightin' for crumbs.
But we will not be deterred by knives or guns,
Go tell it on the mountain the rebelution is come.

Well you can fight it or hide, or seize the moment and ride it,
Instead of falling divided, why don't we stand up united?
Differences put aside it would be easier had if we tried it,
But even if we don't, change must come, change must come.

If it's peace or it's violence
If it's talking or silence
If you're with me then fight it
If you're not then still coop.
But no matter what you do, it will affect you.
Change must come, change must come.

It's time to separate the now from the then the boys from the men
Separate the ways of the righteous from the ways of this wicked world
And definitely time to separate the ladies from the girls.

Are you ready for a rebelution?
I can't hear you; I said are you ready for a rebelution?

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