Tanya Stephens - Saturday Morning

This morning when I woke up and opened my eyes
I was greeted by a most sober and surprised
A face I've never seen before in my life
Just lounging on my pillow right next to mine
And I'm, lookin' at it and I panic and I remember
Having the gin and tonic and I recall every rum
And cola too, but for life of me, I can't rememba you.

Tanya: so who you boss?
Bigga: bigga blocks
Tanya: okay, bigga blocks..

It's happened before, this wasn't the first
But I gotta admit, this one is the worst
And where were my friends, didn't anybody see,
God almighty this one is ugly.

So I'm rushin' to the toilet and while takin' a piss
I'm thinkin' that this better be the catalyst, to make
Me change my philandering ways, make my nights reflect
My better days yow.

What me say now!
There's a strange man in my house,
And his boots are on the floor.
Mr. Bacardi we can't chill anymore,
From now on I'm just rollin'
With cola, if dat don't work then I'm rockin' it solo

What me say now!
There's a strange man in my bed and he seems
To satisfied, how on earth am I gonna salvage my pride?
Smirnoff, it's been a heck of a ride,
This is where I gotta bid ya goodbye
Bid ya goodbye.

Tanya: yo bigga! get up, ya haffi go now!
Meh nah kno how disz happen I swear!
Oy! 'pon da way out, grab me a beer!
Bigga: tek man fi blood clod idiot.

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