Sylford Walker - Burn Babylon

It's a long, long, long, long, long..
It's a long time, I man a burn up the collie weed.
But it seems the Babylon them them them..
Come fight 'gainst I.
Them a fight 'gainst I.
I wanna know.. the reason why.

Babylon fight 'gainst Natty Dread;
Babylon no fight 'gainst the rum head;
Babylon no fight 'gainst the wine head;
Only a, Natty Dreadlocks.
Say Natty Dread up ina Babylon,
Natty dread all over Rome.
Dread in a Babylon,
Dread weh de wicked gwan.
Babylon come..
Come see I a burn up a likkle iley.


Babylon falling..
Babylon fall!
The wicked one drop.
Wicked one shall feel, the fire of..
Babylon dread, say Babylon dread.
Fire can burn, burn Babylon..
Burn Babylon:
It ago dread weh deh Babylon.
Natty Dread up in a Babylon,
Natty Dread all over Rome.
Oh, he no want, in a Babylon, no..
Place call African land,
That's the place where we wanna go.
Way up in a African-can-can..
That's the place where my forefathers were,
That's the place where we wanna go you know, oh.
Natty Dread, dreader than dread,
Dreader than dread, blood Babylon..

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