Stick Figure - Thick & Thin

Open up your eyes, get lost, step out of your mind
It feels good, I promise
Feeling up the vibe, there ain't no where to go
All I ever wanted is for you to know
That god damn it, I'm so out of it
It's just another dream, you're part of it
You cant take this gun away from me
I fall back to sleep, there is nothing left for me
I'll show you around the block, stay close

I lie away, then I fall asleep
Always on my mind, always in my dream
It's where I want to be, it's where I want to be
Take me to that place, that's where I want to be
I'm so wasted, still the time is wasting
My heart it keep racing, but never off the pace
This time we on mission, packed with ammunition
It's always keeps me going, always keeps me going

Wake up, bright lights flash in front me
This was dream but now it is reality
I lost touch a very long, all wanted is something so beautiful
For a minute you were gone, but now got back
And all the reasons you have given me I have given back
Hold it close, don't ever let it slip away
Through thick and the thin, you have forgive me

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