Squash - Overcome

[Intro: Interviewer and Bob Marley]
Do you make a lot of money out of your music?
I mean what is, how much-how much is-how much is a lot a money to you?
That's a good question
Have you made made... say, millions of dollars?

Are you a rich man?
When you mean rich, what you mean?
You have a lot of possessions, a lot of money in the bank?
Possession make you rich?
I doh-I doh have that type a richness
My richness is life
(My richness is life, my richness is life...)

You d'even ask how you fi do it na man
Man a man give back still, you see it
Man solid as a rock
Say dem a try fi gi' me all bad
But man solid as a rock
Me a Jah Jah pickney
Dem cyaan stop me

[Verse 1]
Me live a life yah, ready fi real
Me a tell you, yo Swagga man you dead lef' me weak
We a live we life G, should a deh yah fi see it
And nuff a dem sell out, dem ready fi leak
And me girlfriend sell out, she should a never fi leave
Bobby deh yah when me hungry, a me bredda fi real
Yo, me song, only God know the pain weh we feel
Have a innocent man a sleep 'pon cold concrete
Oh God, oh God, do tell dem fi dweet
And a ration, stagnant, run me belly fi weeks
Me got me eyes on the prize, me a go make it fi real
6ix real out here and dem better believe

Alright (alright)
Alright (alright)

[Verse 2]
All after we gwaan, me haffi stay strong
R.I.P. to me friend dem weh gone
Me put me shoes on, haffi move on
Big up me friend dem weh hold the remand
Sometime inna life, a just wrong is the charm
Me know no so freak get division
Me represent the garrison and the dump land
So that a weh me come from
Cah 6ix never change, a we same one
If you see me white dawg a the same man
A/C mek me cool, gyal a blow like fan
Every day we clean, dawg, bare new brand
Now we move uptown, inna mansion
One family, no separation
So unno stop call we name, down a station
Me a gwaan hol' it firm, new meditation

Overcome, hmmm
Must overcome
Must overcome

You know we out here
(You know we out here)
You know we out here
(You know we out here)
Overcome (overcome)
We haffi overcome
(We haffi overcome)
We haffi overcome
(We haffi overcome)

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