Squash - Life Story (Pt. 1)

Life never easy...
Fi me life never easy

Yeah man
Nuff people nah go understand still, you see it?
Fi me life never easy
Yeah man
Never, never, never, easy
Dem fi know man grow rough still
Thank God me pass the worst, you know
Life never easy
Man deh yah
Fi me life never easy
Live fi see wha' gwaan and tell you wha' gwaan
Life never easy
End a da day yah, give unno a book a me life
Just read it out, you see me
Fi me life, fi me life
Yes, yes, it no tek long
Fi me life, fi me life
It no hard fi do

Chapter 1
'Member when me poor
'member when me mummy used to sleep 'pon the floor
Pressure, couldn't tek it no more
Mek up me mind and go through the door

Chapter Few
Say me a go try a thing
Me a me bredda tek up phone, a do dialling
Man get badmind and shot dung me bredda
So me buy a gun and file dung the fire pin

Chapter Tree
Danny G and Poke start pree
No mercy fi enemy
Why you a try drain me energy
Nah go see the end a me
Nah see me enuh

Chapter Four
Cops start fi hunt me dung
True wanted life, through bush dem a run me dung
Man a gangster, so you know me no lef' me gun
Dem never catch me

Chapter Five
Me start hear the voices
You waan dead or you waan stay alive
Right away, me haffi mek a choice
Me nah go drop, fi mek me enemy rejoice
The bwoy weh kill me bredda haffi pay the price
And the one weh sell me out, me know him was a mice
Mummy tell me fi lef' dem, good time there's a Christ
Weh she say to me, mek me never feel right

Chapter 6ix
Me drop a jail, me never plan fi this
Mummy cry until she nearly have fits
It's stressing, she haffi visit every week
She love me, so you know she haffi dweet
Man sick out a jail 'pon the cold concrete
Just cardboard and Gleaner, no pillow, no sheet
Me haffi stay strong, you know me can't weak
So me a gwaan thug it out, cah jailhouse no sweet

Chapter Seven
Me lawyer say me a go get bail
And lef' hell, gon' a heaven

Chapter Eight
Me get a court date
Remand again, dem lock back the gate

Chapter Nine
Gwaan count dung the time
Fi touch back a road, a that deh 'pon me mind
Now me get free up, deh a road
Wha' gwaan
Now man a fuck some pretty browning, some tone skin girl
Touring the world
You see the life that I'm living (that I'm living)
Stars among stars (stars among stars)
Sipping on Hennessy and smoking cigars
I'm a real wise man, can't you see far
Now me boasy no fuck, driving the phattest car
Hahaha, haha...
When you see a youth a rise, don't badmind
You fi don't badmind, you fi don't badmind
When you see a youth a live
Lowe him, mek him rise, lowe him, mek him rise
Don't you surprise
Don't you surprise (don't you surprise)
Open up your eyes (open up your eyes)
Living the life, what I wanna do
Wanna do, wanna do
Wanna do (wanna do)
Wanna do (wanna do)
Wanna do (wanna do)

Chapter 10
Celebration time
Get the weed with the blem
Weed with the blem
We cook some food 'pon the block
Chill out with the friends (friends))
Girls alright (girls alright)
Thugs dem good too
Music a play (music a play)
Squash song a play (Squash song a play)
Celebration time (celebration time)
Nah no time fi badmind (no time fi badmind)

Yeah man
You know it no tek long
It no hard fi do
You know too
Eh heh...
You see the pree
Oh yeah (oh yeah)
Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah (oh yeah)
You know G City a we heart (mhmm...)
R.I.P. to some a me friend dem weh dead enuh (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yes man

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