Squash - Allergy

Hemton Music
Nah gwaan like me better than nobody
But me hol' me own fi good
Allergy (allergy, allergy)
Yo, Din Din
Some people dem no good fi me
Uh uh

[Verse 1]
Sometime you see me zone out
See me this time, me black, the next me tone out (white!)
Look 'pon the hill, you see the stone house
High man a fly, you see the drone out
Weed have me a float 'way
So me stop and full me tank a gas (gas)
Grab and go, then me get meself a pack a frass
Have me own a place, nobody yard no me never crash
Allergic to people, me no waan my skin fi scratch

Allergy, 6ix, allergy
Me no insta, dem a follow me
Woi yoii, yeah
A no flu, allergy
Allergy, yeah

[Verse 2]
Elevator lift meself to the top
Love the 6ix fans so me never would a tun me back
Enemy a road, so me never would a lef' me strap
Dem a allergy (allergy), yo, yo
Girl, every day you get up and waan inna argument with me
Seems like we cyaan 'gree
Allergy (allergy), bay bad energy (allergy)
Nah make you drain my energy
Me easy fi sick me know the symptoms
Dem yah friend yah nowadays, a pray fi you income
Stay to meself, dem a chew 'pon me name like a chring gum
Waan me fling dung


[Verse 3]
Oii, missa man, tell me weh you a smoke? (huh)
That make me a sneeze
A mus coke you a bun, 'cause that a no weed (huh)
Wha' gwaan, wha' gwaan?
This a could a never sinus
Sick out already and you feel me find out
Truth me a talk nothing me no lie 'bout
Never put a gyal pussy inna my mouth


Me no insta, dem a follow me (woi yoii)
A no flu, allergy

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