Sonia Spence - Why Did You Leave Me

Why did you ever leave me?
Why did you ever, ever go?

Hmm, you know I love you baby
You know I really love you so
Ooh, tell me, oh, how could you be, so unkind?
Hmm, hmm, hmm to go away and leave me here behind?
With no one, with no one to call my very own
Ooh, no, just myself and me, sitting here all alone
Ooh, now I'm just, I'm just a lonely girl, oh yes
Ooh, all alone in this big wide world


Come back and tell me, baby
That you will be, my very own, ooh-ooh
Yes tell me that you will never again
Leave me all alone, oh
Come one, come on baby, take my hand, hmm
Let's make a vow, let's make a vow
That we will forever stand

Yeah, be my own baby
Don't ever leave me all alone
No, I can't live without your love
Ooh baby, hmm..

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