Sean Paul - Dutty Rock Intro

[Skit 1]
What? Oh blimey, it's Sean Paul!
Yeah man, wassup? Respect...
Now it's mighty nice to meet you finally mate
Yeah man... love
Now listen, the band right here
We listened to "Stage One" it's beautiful we love it...

Aah, big up
Now you got your new joint and stuff... and real quick I've got this poster right here
If you could sign it, you na...

Yeah man, we can get to that but... really dawg, me would a love get straight to the rehearsal
And we do dem thing that we after yeah?
Rehearsal! Yeah, that's right, that's why we're here!
Yeah bro...
Listen, we're the best backing band this side of the West End, alright?
I hear about ya'll, yeah
That's right! [?] Now what would you rather, would you like to, we could play...
Uh I wanna start yeah...
We could play the uh...
"Deport Them"
"Deport Them! That's the track, that's my favourite one!
Yeah? Yeah... Respect...
That's the same one. Drums! One, two, three, four!

[Remix 1 - Deport Them]
Dutty, yo! Uh huh!
Ya man
Sean da Paul!
Yeah... bring it...
Let me hear it now! Yo!
So from a gyal no up to date, we deport dem
Cyaan keep up to the trends, we report dem

[Skit 2]
Yo, yo
Yo, hold on, hold on, hold on...
Cut it, cut it, cut it, cut in
Hold up, hold up, hold up...
That's murder right!?
Stop, stop! Dawg, dawg
I appreciate the vibe yo, you hear me now?
You hear me now rudebwoy? That shit sound heavy right?
Wha... Right!
We... We... No no nah nah. I've got you, I've got you! Don't say nothing
I mean we need dancehall, son...
You mean rocking?
Yeah, Dutty Rock
Say nothing more! We've got it!

[Remix 2 - Haffi Get The Gyal Ya (Hot Gyal Today)]
Blah, blah
Yeah man!
Trilala-lala-lala, boom-boom, she-laay

[Skit 3]
Yo! Yo! Yo!
Pull up! Stop that, stop that!
Yo, my bad, my bad, you hear me now... You hear me now rudebwoy? Yo! You hear me now?
Tasting the fruit out of that one there right now!
Now... me appreciate the energy weh you a fling to me, right?
But kid. I need some straight heavy Dancehall!
It's got the emotions on full blast mate! And you know we've got the dances for every hall
Yeah? Yo... Yo... me no know 'bout that
Yo, hear me now
Yeah, but me named Sean Paul! You hear me now?
Gimme the next track, let me hear how it sound, ready?
Alright I've got it, I've got it, I've got it...

[Remix 3 - Infiltrate]
Yeah man! Run it...
Alright! Okay!
Woman no waan no bait
Dem nah go feel violate if you accelerate 'pon...
Woman no waan no coot, from a knock boots
Weh you...

[Skit 4]
Yo, yo, yo, yo...
Pull up, pull up, pull up...
Hey, yo
Yo, bredren, bredren
Weh you a do, hear me now
A wha' the bloo... yo! We're in the same name band, you hear me now?
Listen me! Look like can nah get the name confused and mixed up
Watch yah now
This a real Dutty Rock

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