Ron Wiseman - Kedusha

What is the way that leads to happiness
What is the kind of work that brings one rest
What is the house that dwells within the home
What is the song that can't be sung alone
Ahh - Kedusha

How come the highest mountain's made so low
What is the secret only servants know
What is the chain that's made from strings of pearls
What is the knot that's tied between two worlds
Ahh - Kedusha

And the knower of all mysteries
He has given us all a key
And the secret is locked inside this word
Ahh - Kedusha, Kedusha, Kedusha, Kedusha


What is the sound your soul would like to hear
What is the voice that whispers in your ear
What is the word that words can't even speak
What is the hand that no man can defeat
Ahh - Kedusha, ahh - Kedusha

What is the plan that's planted in the seed
What is concealed within a simple deed
What is the flame from where the fire's born
What is the cloth that burns but isn't torn
Kedusha, Kedusha, ah, come on
Yeah, let's take it home

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