Protoje - Sandra Foster

Yeah, you know
Dreaming, dreaming
As a youth for you

- Fae Ellington:
My guest is a radiant, pretty, attractive
Warm, friendly, elegant, distinguished young Jamaican
Sandra Foster, Miss Jamaica World 1991

You had the opportunity of wearing a new crown
Did that hold any particular significance for you?

- Sandra Foster:
Well, at first I was a bit, uhm
Apprehensive about going into another competition
Because it means exposure again
It means being in the limelight and you know
When you kinda get used to having your private life again
It's hard to do that

Yeah, so you wanna spend the night with me
She reminding me a Lisa Hanna '93
Better yet, Sandra Foster '92
You're still my favourite even though you never win it, boo
True, and this proves I'm not a wagonist
Come and step through and take two off a this cannabis
Mek we mek moves, I give you one a this
Inna that from eleven go to 1 o'clock
One-a-way, no crew, me say none a that
Drive straight through, two a front, can't put none a back
Tune drop, thing shot, see the gun a clap
That's how them show them approval inna Jamrock
Cataracts gone, me a see so clear
Man did have it from me born, me did a prepare
Then hop out a thin air and appear
Man take gold, silver, bronze, Bolt, Blake, Warren Weir

- Fae Ellington:
What happens to the personal life when you're all over the globe?

- Sandra Foster:
Well, it doesn't exactly, it's not exactly put on hold
But it slows down a little bit and obviously this is the priority right now
And my time is not always my own
But it's for a good reason and so

- Fae Ellington:
What reduces you to tears? Does anything make you cry?

- Sandra Foster:
Yes! Definitely, I'm a very emotional person

Oh, oh you wanna spend you life with I
She remind me of Imani Duncan '95
Actually Sandra was in '91
Thank you for not going into politics, my hun
I was young, just dreaming, you no see it
Fi pull up in a Bimma, sweep her off her feet
Believe me when I speak, it's real how I explain
When I met you girl, this feeling was the same
Couldn't get you off my brain, can't get you out my heart
So come and be my partner, my Erica Aquart
My Desiree DePass, my mind it just a race
But them couldn't take your place, see that look upon your face
Tell whoever 'pon your case, too late 'cause there been a coup
Take the lunch from them plate and the dinner too
New dawn, new day, look you no see the view
Feel like Bling Dawg, "if a no me, a who?"

- Sandra Foster:
Not because I've done well once, I should stop there
If I have a chance to do well again then why not?

- Fae Ellington:
I can imagine what it is going to be like on December 28
As persons tune into their television sets and see you there
I'll cry, don't worry, you don't cry, I'll do it for you
Sandra Foster, my very special guest this morning
We wish her luck, good management, common sense, yes? Very necessary
December 28 in Puerto Rico, walk good, girl

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