Protoje - Bubblin'

Feel free to get lifted, you know
Young, fit and gifted
(Oh na na)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (na na na na naaa)
And as we gather to take part in this ancient tradition
(Bubblin' over this morning, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Different style that

[Verse 1]
Chalice full of water, ashes you nuh see
Zuggu light the matches burn the stash inna kutchie
Lucky say me have it so, as it chop and reap
Chucky say him have it him will go for 'cause of me
Nuff inna the duffel have it stuff you should a see
Rougher 'pon the government, free up economy
Make them know say it a carry healing property
Stack it tree 'pon toppa tree and sip it like a cup a tea
I can remember how them puff it 'pon the lane
Dougie dread them set it, yeah him a did one of them
First a did a collie now a kush a just the same
'Cause when time Sunday morning come a one thing a remain
Say it

(Bubblin', bubblin', bubblin')
Yes, it's bubblin', good Lord it's bubblin'
(Bubblin' over this morning, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yeah, yeah
(Bubblin', bubblin', bubblin')
You see me bubblin', bubblin', bubblin' hard
(Bubblin' over this morning, yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2]
Me have the stash inna the back weh prettier than Mona Lisa
Fresh up out the freezer, love it when it keep so
Any politician say a could a Hanna Lisa
Slave owner law, come tell me you nuh see it, so
Get up out you seat and do something for the people
Plan up and them gang up fi do wrong under the steeple
Mineral me creep to, strictly river water
Stash it in a charter fi bun it with me father
Him give weh the brawta nothing no change at all
Him tell me from the start, so me know da world ya small
I can remember the days of Taylor Hall
Me, him and Damion Crawford, dem time the chalice used to

(Bubblin', bubblin', bubblin')
'Member a time, you know
(Bubblin' over this morning, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Take you back to like...
(Bubblin', bubblin', bubblin')
And we a say Dougie dread, you know, original
(Bubblin' over this morning)
Master the craft
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

A we cherish times like these, you know
Yeah man
Free us, free

[Verse 3]
Jah9 say a steam, she put no fire to her green
Shell 'pon top of gritty as we sip it and agree
Say these trees, at least, no come from overseas
Unlike them food them carry in weh full up a disease
Take a breeze, take a seat, take a piece
Deh beside the general, but you can sit at ease
Make some memories and forget some memories
With family and friends and the friends a the family we

(Bubblin', bubblin', bubblin')
Yeah, give thanks fi times like these, you know
(Bubblin' over this morning, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Time fi share this, vibe and heights
(Bubblin', bubblin', bubblin')
Reasonings and groundings, you know
(Bubblin' over this morning, yeah, yeah, yeah)
This strong meditation, you know
(Bubblin', bubblin', bubblin')
Time to rebel but rebel against what, huh
(Bubblin' over this morning, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Excuse me as I retreat to...
You know, verifying
(Bubblin', bubblin', bubblin')
Verify that
(Bubblin' over this morning, yeah, yeah, yeah)

I feel like I could just keep on talking about
Positive and vibes and energies and this and that
Yeah but, yeah, huh
Man faithful

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