Prince Buster - Ghost Dance

Ghost dance

Dear Keithus, my friend, good day
Hoping you're keeping the best of health
How is the music down there in bone yard?
I hear that Busby have a sound system
And that Nyah Keith is disc-jockey
But them can't get no Red Stripe beer
Fi sell in the dance at night
Tell Zacky, the High Priest
Who used to lead the toughest
One who could go, baah toughest
Give him my regards
Tell him Prince Buster says hello

Baah, toughest

And Keith, if you should see Rashi
You know Rashi from Back'o'Wall?
Give him my regards
And if you should see, the two brothers
Stinky Pommells and Herbman, we grew together
Tell them Prince Buster says, so long
Sorry they had to go so soon
Since music be the food of love, I'll forever sing on
And Forresters Hall, we'll soon get back on shape

Baah, toughest
Ghost dance
Ghost dance

Baah, toughest

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