Prince Buster - Barrister Pardon

Now this court is in session
And Judge Dread is presiding
I have before me, seven hundred letters
Ask pardon, for Emanuel Zakipon and George Grab-and-Flee

Well, I've decided to grant them pardon, under certain conditions
They must show up to the probation officer, every morning
And they must be of good behaviour for the next five years
No more shooting, no more looting, no more bomb throwing
And if they come back before me for the same charges
Huh! I wouldn't say what I'll do
And for celebration, I brought for them today
A freedom man by the name of Brother Rico
Now play man, it's an order, play!


Zakipon, a ?? told me was a very good dancer
I want to see you dance
Grab-and-Flee, let me see you dance
'Cause my name is Judge Dread
And if I leave this chair, and come down to dance
I let them look shame
I'm a judge, but I know how to dance


I want you to promise me
That you'll visit your probation officer, every morning
Don't you let me down
'Cause my name is Judge Dread, and I don't care

Tell dem, near and far
If they love this record
It's Judge Dread, grants pardon

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