Popcaan - Weed Head

Yo, ready!
Ready weed Don
Yeah, yeah
Hey, hey, Dinearo!

So, when me roll out, Feds a watch me
Dem know inna me car the stash deh, yeah
From me born, me a ganja pickney
Not even Rona can stop me, yeah
Hot grabba make me lip dem black
My eye red like a chop weh 'lass gi', yeah
A the high grade weed a frass me
A no bush, hungry nah box me

When you see me, you say, "Weed Head!"
You done know a ganja me say
When you see me, you say, "Weed Head!"
Me no look 'pon food, fi weed, me greedy
So see me and say, "Weed Head!"
From a high grade weed, you know me needy
So see me and say, "Weed Head!"
All inna station me smoke hi proud deh

So any time me eye change, me keep me weed to me heart
Hot grabba, blem don't deh inna me thoughts
From school, me a sell ganja inna the class
Me friend dem a say, "You're mad, no bloodclaat"
Spliff bigger than Shade's nose
Send me gone higher than the rainbows
Petro frass fi days, no waan change clothes

Bomboclaat, a who give Petro weed, dawg?
Woii yoii, Petro no smoke, dawg

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