Popcaan - Middle Day

Skull hotter than hell so no try diss devil
From you say evil, you know a we that
Bwoy dem a talk, man live fi pree that
Gaza a the baddest thing, dem boy deh a fucking idiot

Badman, buss out dem head middle day, oh
Buss out dem head middle day
Bwoy dem a chat when the thing dem clap
Everything run gone, none of dem nah stay
Now we losing the war the other day
Buss out dem head middle day
Pussy dem a chat like Faye when the gatlin spray
Man buss dem head middle day

You fi know say a people me kill a no nail me do
Me no go 'pon works weh ??
Pussy lay down neat and rap up inna sheet
Make teardrops ??
You fi know say me mentally mad, a Belle Vue me born

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