Popcaan - Born Ready

Yo, Notnice
How badman fi get beating a meeting?
Bwoy no know say when meeting call
A me alone no report, cah me Unruly
Him d'even know that
Notnice (killy, killy, killy, killy, killy)
Bawl dem a bawl now
(Killy, killy, killy, killy, killy)

Wha' wrong with the dread bwoy, Squidel?
A dem thing yah mek badman rebel
All the years when you deh inna Alliance
Me find out Sharon Burke pussy you a smell
Mama cyaan tell me put me weapon down
Suck pussy dread, step if you a step and done
Mek me buss your head with me best handgun
Unruly no step and run

Run go lift up every rifle weh bury inna dirt
When me kill him with the Eagle, me step inna desert
Inna your face waan big fat MAC-11 burp
Body left 'pon the Gully when the maggy dem a work

Hundred Lane say
You a no no murderer
Funny dread
You a no no murderer
Bwoy, you no badman fi me
You cyaan beat me
You a no no murderer

'Bout you a beat pickney
Run when me beat up the MAK-90
Man a killer from birth, you a fag from birth
And 'bout you a claim victory
RPG nah miss your pussy lips dem
Kill you now, nah send you 'pon the drips dem
Hollow-point pack up inna your locks dem
Unruly no beg friend

Casava Piece say
You a no no murderer
You a no no
You a no no murderer
Big yard say
You a no no murderer
Wha' happen to da funny dread yah dawg
White Hall say
You a no no murderer
Funny dread you a no no murderer
Stop tell lie inna your song dem, pussy
You a no no murderer

When you a smile and a 'kin teeth pussy
And you nah look
Step in and kill you up a Norbrook
Rifle me use and lift off your head top
Your friend dem see it, and no waan look
Bwoy, you cyaan style no country man
Me we kill you with me country gang
You should a do like Capleton
And tell the world a say a Saint Mary you come from

Furthermore you a no no murderer
Funny dread you a no no murderer
Dutty dread, go wash out your stinking head
You a no no murderer

No romp with the camp, you hear?
Unruly stamp
And we no fire blank
You a no no murderer
Notnice, Notnice
Bawl dem a bawl now


This song, along with Popcaan's Slaughterhouse Style, is a diss for Mavado and is a counteraction to Mavado's diss song Dem Dead A Ready.

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