Peter Tosh - Dog Teeth

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*Knocks on door* Mas Joe
Beg you hold the dog deh for me, sah
Joe Gibbs: Come man, the dog nah bite you
You can't tell me that, man
The same dog that bite me this morning, man
Same thing me a tell you deh now
Hear the dog deh, sah
Beg you hold him for me ya, sah

Yes, you see and thing hear old time people say
If it no go so, come so
Ah mean a true
Dem say fe sorry for maga dog
It turn around and bite you
An' that a true
Dem say, if you play with puppy
Puppy will lick your mouth

So you no trust no dog, you hear sah
Ah see it a the same big dog deh
Cah see it you have a pants a riddim upon one foot??

See the dog teeth deh
Three a dem inna me foot, a true

That mean say, no dog bite me already
Can ever bite me again, it could a deal
Cah me no say, if you lie with dog
The most rise with flee, it's true
And you will say again
If your right hand offend you, cut it off
Mark 9:43; Matthew 5:30

You know what I mean
If even your bredda a try fi stop you from live good
Cut him off, it's true

Say, be wise as a serpent
Harmless as a dove
Matthew 10:16

Harm no man, but let no man harm you, awoh
Ah so Jah say
Seen I

So you watch dem dog deh
Whether dem have one teeth, two teeth or three teeth
A same dog, bite you today and bite you tomorrow
Yes, no trust no dog, but at the same time
You can gwaan rock this dog teeth riddim yah
Seen I
Positive, you know
And listen to facts and reality, ah so

Watch him
Coodeh, big dog

Cah dog no have no sense
Mind 'im stay inna the yard, sah
Altho' man ready fi control him
But him no know that

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