Notnice - Outro

You fi watch your friends weh a
Hey, Notnice
But him a build
Hey, Notnice, a who she?
Notnice, the bwoy run like a
Bomboclaat, she gon'
Me cocky longer than me knife
Ahh (weh your modda-?)
No listen to badmind
Yo, Teacha sign
She a suffer
When you see Gaza man dem
No man 'pon the Gaza
When Gaza
Somebody get ice
You got the pussy weh me
Tell me she nah
One man
Some boy don't
Me no love man so
That tool sell of
Move your hand from
From me wake up
In my life I
You do the thing
Ready when you ready
Go down and a
I respect
I love you fi life
Me dance and put on a sh-
Notnice, weh we a go do?
Everybody can see it
Me ova dweet
A inna head a the right place
If you want a war, pussyhole come war me now

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