Mutabaruka - Walkin On Gravel

Walkin' on gravel in this time
Tryin' to separate this confusion and crime
Ideologies philosophies tryin' to save my day
Walkin' on gravel things stay same way

So I take a trip to a foreign lan'
Hopin' they might have a plan
They had a plan.. no solution.. more confusion

They were walkin' on gravel just like me
everyone tryin to be free

Lookin' on the childhood I once knew
Wonderin' why my dreams never came true
Thinkin' on the good things when I die
Tryin' to get my piece of the pie
But I was..

Walkin' on gravel in those times
Politicians and priests commitin' more crimes

So I walk the road hopin' to find
What is this confusion in my time
The quest to know when where and why
The quest to separate truth from lie
Frustration disillusions cover my track
But this is no time for turnin' back
With my bare feet on the ground
Walkin' on gravel I know where I am bound

So I take a look what do I see
Rich and poor in agony
Waitin' on that Judgement day
Hopin' there will be a delay

Walkin' on gravel the road is long
Walkin', walkin' have to be strong

So I walk the road round and around
Always returnin' to the same ground
Three hundred and sixty degrees.. if you please
The road has neither start nor end
Neither points not even a bend
So I stopped to look in the great book
Now you may ask what did I see
But it was the solution to this mystery
After goin' round and around all this time
I found that the confusion was in my mind
This mystery is there you can see
The truth lives within' you and me

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