Mutabaruka - Dispel The Lie

Dispel the lie
About Rastafari
Drug religion
A misconception
Sent by Babylon
To cause distraction
From identification
With our African roots

Dispel the lie
That I
Only get high on smoke
Tryin' to find self
Through clouds of social

Jah light
Shining bright
No candle tonight
I am the light

Dispel the lie
That I
Can only see clear
When smoking a spliff
Or takin' a whiff
From a chalice
In a palace
I and I
See no God in cloud of smoke
A yoke

Sent from slavery
To discredit I philosophy
About Jah in man
Man is one
No smoke reveal Jah to I
Dispel the lie

Dispel the lie
That I
Cannot think straight
Without a pound weight
Of collie weed
To feed
I need
To hate
The state
That perpetuate
The lie
That I
Is why
Youths get high
On drugs

Rastafari livin' high
No smoke reveal that to I
Dispel the lie

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