Maxi Priest - Human Cry

Cry, human cry
Cry, cry
Cry, cry, oh Lord

There's a dark place in the heart of the city
Where no one goes
People up-town won't admit it
They don't wanna know
Children on the sidewalk looking so sad
People out there they got bad intentions
And there's nothing to lose

Human cry, cry, cry
Human cry from the battlefield
Human, oooh Lord
Human cry, oh Lord

Shattered dreams of forgotten souls
Who struggle to exist
People on the hill won't come near
Afraid to take the risk
Looking for a way out that's not there
Desperate faces everywhere so hungry
Searching for shelter

Human cry, cry, cry
From the battlefield
Oh I, ooh
Cry, cry, cry, cry, ooh
Cry, cry, cry, cry, ooh

Fragile, the place is fragile
We're on the edge of all tomorrows
And you can just feel the tension
Tearing us apart
We're gonna let go, if we lose a heart
Ooh, oh, ah, the place is fragile

Say it's midnight on the street
Graffiti everywhere
And in a fortress on higher ground
People live in fear
No, this ain't no distant dream
It's in our own backyard
Look all around you

Human cry, cry, ooh Lord
Cry, cry from the battlefield
Oh, oh, oh
Cry, cry, cry, cry
Cry, cry, cry, cry
Cry, cry, cry, cry..

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