Mavado - Life Of A G (aka Gangsters Life (Rich and Happy))

Aye... (hahaha)
Gangster, aye...
Rich and happy
Anyway.. cyaan stop me

[Verse 1]
This is what the gangster life is like
Roll out inna me Range or more time me ride me bike
Hottest set a gyal, eeh pussy tight
And that the badmind dutty fucker dem no like

A from you mother womb
Bombohole you a lay dung inna tomb
The K's dem long like bush broom
Kill you soon, you tek badman thing fi cartoon
Me have me gun from me inna class room

[Verse 2]
Me and me gun a step, step 'pon bwoy like crepe
G's and the valley of death, dem hear me a prowl and fret
And a wipe of blood like sweat, shot bun bwoy like cigarette
So tell dem bwoy Judas, him cyaan sell me out like Jesus Christ from Nazareth
When my gun rain 'I'm wet, likkle fool just gwaan and fret
You coward from you born, say bombohole no send no threat
Me rifle dem selec like when Bruce get elec
Me rise the Intratec and stop you breath

Bombohole you a go lay dung inna tomb
Rifle long like bush broom
Kill you soon
Gi' you permanent one room
You tek man fi cartoon
From you mother womb
Bombohole gwaan inna tomb
Rifle long like bush broom
Kill you soon, permanent one room
Skins and bone it consume

[Verse 2]
Dem laughing and dem chat, 'bout how dem thief me docs
And how me haffi see foreign and cyaan go deh back
But seems dem love to chat, like gyal dem wearing frock
But Jah mek me a rise and dem a pray fi see me flop
Me work fi weh me got, wha' tek some dutty pot
No gangster from the Gully nah go sit inna no lap
Me lowe dem mek dem yap, dem drop a grung a gap
Me see say dem a chat a bombohole you a parrot

Gone inna tomb!
One room!
You fucker you
Gunshot stuck inna you
Bombohole a lay dung inna tomb
Rifle long like bush broom
A wha' happen to dem
Dead, dem dead

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