Mavado - Heart Beat

Oh yes girl
Just gonna let you know
(Girl you know)
Gangsta mi love you fi life

I can't believe, what I saw
With my two eyes
This girl who made
My world spin around
When she passed me by
I want you to know
That I need you so
And baby girl
I wanna let you know

Girl you are my heartbeat
Baby girl!
Mi love you more than eva
Baby girl you are my heartbeat
And I need to tell no lie
Girl you are my heartbeat

Whenva time you pass my gate
Girl, I'm looking at you
If I was the judge in the court
Mi wouldda throw the book at yo
You look so smooth
Don't say I'm rude, girl
But, mi really want fi hold yo
Inna mi arms
Girl, I really need to control yo

Girl you are my heartbeat
Need to tell no lie
Baby girl, I can't sleep, no no no no
Baby girl you are my heartbeat
Baby girl, I can't sleep
I can't sleep

When am I gonna have you for myself
Be sure that I, won't share with no one else
You to me, is like a perfect harmony
That's how it should be
You and me, create a happy family

You my heartbeat
Need to tell no lie
Listen to my speech
Baby girl, ma heartbeat
Beat, beat
Baby girl
Heaven knows, God knows
Even mama knows, God knows
God knows, God knows

When anything
Wheneva time and I will be there
Call me, Call me girl
'Cause you know you are my heartbeat
Baby girl listen to my speech
Can't sleep

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