Mavado - Dem A Talk

Nozzle big like a chimney, huh
A wha' happen to dem?
Why you rise against Mr. Dead?
Top shotta no miss your head
Go curl up under your muma frock and piss your bed
Unknown kill dem any day (ha)
Gangsters no play...

[Verse 1]
Yo, a talk dem a talk and dem nah mek no walk
We a step 'pon crime, Boshie and show off
Dem a talk, and dem nah mek no walk
Split bwoy head into half
Dem a talk, dem a talk, and dem nah mek no walk
The 'K's dem tall none a dem no do off
Dem a talk, and dem 'fraid a the dark
When the rifle a claat

[Verse 2]
Me no run suck pussy joke nor batty joke
But me talk the truth, mek it float dem
Bwoy deh a fish inna the sea, no put dem inna no boat
Dem a fuck batty like the pope
Unknown rifle with the bloodclaat telescope
Buss dem throat like goat
Kill all your gyal too, from she go chat inna the court
Informer fi get blood sports

[Verse 3]
Some likkle pussy mussi live inna silogy
See me with me gun and dem a tell me 'bout Billy Jean
More rifle than Taliban and the Philistine
The whole thirty-one out a the clip weh me gi' the team
Tell every fish and every fag and every queer say
Me no waan no man tell me 'bout no hearsay
Me 'K clap and bwoy headside tear 'way
When unno see the Gully Squad a trod unno fi fear weh
Cah dem a mek a bag a chat and me hear eeh
Rifle shot pick out dem hair like pitcherie
Telescope 'pon the 'K fi see clearly
Kill dem out
Haile Mary

[Verse 4]
Dem dead, this time dem dead
Dem a bloodclaat dead
This time dem dead
Me a buss dem head
Me no care weh the media a say
This time dem dead
This time dem dead
Me a buss dem head
This time dem dead
This time dem dead
Kingston, Portmore, Naggos Head

[Verse 5]
Hey, we no beg friend
Bwoy we no sorry fah
Big up Iyara, the machine firer
Put bwoy inna botox a no tarrier
'Pon your funeral day six friends a your carrier
Middle day bwoy dead
Bwoy mumma ketch diarrhoea
Soldier could a put up barrier
Me no give a fuck
A wha' happen to dem?!
Dem a just news carrier

Dem dead (hahaha)
Dem dead
Dem... dem dead (hahaha)
Dem dead (dem dead)
Dem dead
Tower Hill say... say Jordan (dem dead)
You haffi send fi... the warden (hahaha)
A me a the war (haha)
Hey, hey
This time dem dead
You see it, Frass (haha)

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