Masicka - Story (Part II)

'Member we bring the ink to life

Puffy gun empty, Tyler gun one in
Puffy start run, a just the two a dem standing
Puffy start run, a just the two a dem standing

Anyway, Puffy drop
And you know, Tyler nah itch fi buss the block
Cyaan wait fi him turn over, crack him head back
The block jam, the block jam, "not even a ratchet me no got"
Sirens and car horn sound, a the cops
Puffy just a listen fi the sound of the strap
'Member him a killer outta road so him no shock
Him just a wonder, why him a wait so long fi make him heart stop
Tyler squeeze off!, like a bomb buss, Puffy still conscious
Head-back in pieces, "you reach in the wrong stuff"
That Tyler tell him when he start fi turn him over
Puffy losing too much blood, body getting colder
Puffy waan fi look the killer straight inna him eye
And Tyler waan fi see him face, two a dem a soldier

Two a dem a 'par from baby stage...
Two a dem a 'par from baby stage...

Tyler cyaan believe and Puffy confused
Tyler heart cold, but this a wrong move
"We a 'par from back strap, marble, mackerel and rice
No have one shirt and one shoes"
"Cyaan believe me tek your life, me bredda"
"Me fi protect your life, me bredda"
"Even though you turned your back 'pon me, and I would never"
"Left me inna jail fi rot, no dawg, that never clever"
Tyler running, as him get him thoughts together
"Me waan fi kill the boss and bun the cheddar"
"Then shoot meself, it kinda rough fi live with this forever"
"However, Puffy never genuine like leather"

Tyler a killer
And killer, and kill a though
Tyler a killer
And killer, and kill a though

Tyler nah change, lowe dis tek
Him go the nine night, fi show respect
Anybody 'member him face and a move off key
Him prepare fi bore him neck
Puffy a him dawg, dawg till death
Him go the funeral to show respect
When him see, Puffy gyal a bawl, Puffy son a bawl
*Kisses teeth*, just so the thing set
Tyler walk over, counting him steps
Don't know wha' fi say, drowning in sweat
Know inna himself, him nah nuh regret
Touch Puffy youth and say, "The Lord gon' protect"

And two a we a 'par from baby stage
Suffering like slavery days
Use to skip school fi smoke Craven A's
Rough, that's the way we raised
Dem never have no lady ways
Puffy was the gangster though
Tyler n'even pierce him ears

Couple years pass, Puffy youth a grow now
Puffy gyal figot him, that Tyler own now
Tyler tun big don, start mek him own dough
Plus him kill the boss, yeah, him I'm control now
Him keep the link with Puffy youth, send the money now and then
"Anything you waan you can call me phone, yo"
"And tell your mother say, she's not alone, yo"
Living the life, yeah, strapped up with the chrome though
Anyway, Puffy and Tyler youth a 'par
Strip club, Champagne, fastest of car
Tyler start fuck the mother, plus she need help
Cyaan do it by herself and the bills a stress her
Puffy youth never like that
Everyday him pray, "God bring me father life back"
"Fuck college, man strapped up with a nice Glock"
"Tell me folks me say, go up 'pon the corner when night drop"
Till one day Puffy youth link Tyler, two a dem sidung and a build
Puffy and Tyler was like bredda, him a teach him fi make mill
Door knock, door knock, door knock, door fly
"Pussyhole don' move or your dome fly!"
Four guys dress up inna full black

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