Masicka - Story

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Uh huh (uh huh, uh huh, uh huh)
Uh huh, uh huh (uh huh, uh huh)
You know we bring the ink to life
Masicka enuh

Two a dem a 'par from baby stage
Suffering like slavery days
Use to skip school fi smoke Craven A's
Rough, that's the way dem raised
Dem never have no lady ways
Puffy was the gangster though
Tyler d'even pierce him ears

Puffy tell him, "Stand up youth and face your fears"
Never mek dem waste your tears
As the years go by, Tyler start behave so fierce
Tyler getting wilder, why?
No one in this place no care
Tyler lost both parents, waan better days appear

So dem touch up into teen
High grade dem a puff up
Shot a buss up in the scheme
Tyler say, "The gyal dem love us
Waan fi fuck us 'cause we clean"
Try fi mek the paper, yeah, the crocus bag a green
Moving fuck up! and dem mean
Trusting no one, but the team

Puffy meet a gyal, him say him love her, a him queen
Settle down and move in, at the age of 17
Still a roll with Tyler though, chasing all him dreams
Puffy start move different, know weh that mean
Plus Puffy get a youth and waan fi throw weh the machine
Tyler still a thug it out
Addicted to the street like a fiend
To the street life, no sweet life
You see him right, you scream!

Puffy try fi tell him say fi calm
Tyler say the devil real him
Him see hell, him no see heaven from him born
Spliff inna him mouth, MAC-11 inna him palm
If a solo then a solo, Puffy cold up, but me warm
"Rolling and you're 'fraid, out a road a weh me gone"
Puffy hesitate fi move, 'member him youth and say a psalm
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Dem cyaan do no harm"
Psalm 23:4

Puffy cyaan back down, a him give Tyler the first gun
Give Tyler the first spliff, now time for the hearse come
A Puffy was the killer when time they were young
And if a bwoy violate a upside the world turn

Anyway, two a dem drop a jail
Puffy gyal money proper, so the shotta got a bail
Puffy try buss out Tyler, everything him try, that a fail
Not even a Hi, not a hail, no phone call
Tyler cry out inna him cell
But Puffy get a Visa fly out and doing well
And start push drugs and buy house weh big like hotel
If Puffy dead or alive, Tyler couldn't tell

But it's like Jah move the spell
Tyler back 'pon the road again
So the gun dem haffi load again
Tyler back 'pon the road again

Tyler get a link fi go foreign, as a contract killer
Get some drop top Bimmer, and some hot gyal fi a
Nyam the cock like dinner, the mad black sinner
On top, yeah, winner, him got that spinner
But Puffy a no puppy, Puffy cash got bigger
Big drug Lord enuh, top class nigga
How him get the money, the cops cyaan figure
Plus the killers dem waan wet him like him drop inna river

Couple months past, time fi something jump off
Time fi Tyler get the job done, pick up the gun fast
No, worry your head, man a go gun him down boss
One night after club, when the duppy done floss
Tyler get the car and get the mask
From a war him nah go ask
Him a pop off and mek it blast
Never know a Puffy, just orders from the boss
Fi kill him long time friend, brothers from the class
Tyler pull up at the club, ready, waiting
Puffy inside the heavy way, celebrating
Tyler second inna the car a tell him bare things
"Fi give him everything, not even mek the pebble graze him"
Puffy step out with a white gyal, very clear skin
See him jewelery dem from far, couple milli wearing
Couple dawgs round him, not even the devil scare him
Strapped down, looking like a hell him raise him
"Tyler see him deh! Weh?"
Him look fi couple second
Pull the car with the right, 45 inna the left hand
Tuck it inna him waist, ready fi buss it inna him chest and
Creep up like rum, shot a beat up, that me deh 'pon
Puffy spot the rake and fire first, whoops, the car tire burst
Tyler second dead, that mean the boss haffi go hire hearse
Tyler buss it back, all the gyal brain fly a dirt
All who no die a splurt, a cops dem a try alert

Puffy gun empty, Tyler gun one in
Puffy start run, a just the two a dem standing
Tyler run him down with one shot inna the clip
And if him squeeze and him no dead
Him a go hold him and strangle him

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