Masicka - Sad Dark (Freestyle)

Masicka enuh
Yo, Razzy, tun up that inna the bomboclaat headphone deh
Sin City enuh
Same way so
Kurrent a kick enuh
Diivn inna the talking thing
Cah we bad fi real
See me

[Verse 1]
Tell dem a rapid me fire, the shotti me fire
Me strapping dem clapping like hand in the choir
Cause not even prayer cannot heal dem guy yah
Dem chatting some liar, when machine gun fire
Blood wash him skin look like when matches burn tire
Just buy a strap me call that the umpire
Any time it rise bwoy out, Kurrent a kick
Like me strap with some wire
Frequent flyer, shopping, gun buyer
Me the streets dem a hire, Fi decease dem guy yah
'Cause me bad like Alliance, plus 3 Empire
Pass me the steel, weh dem feel, Kintyre
We walk 'pon dem Ends like, "What's up"
Squeeze up the trigger till, that bruk
Shot burst, kidnap dem gyal, get me cock suck
None a dem nuh bad enuh dem just a chat tough
Mommy don't fret 'cause your son eva guard
'Cause the thug dem abroad
Send the gun dem a yard
Me an' me thug dem roll out inna the Honda accord
Dem a punk so me nyam dem lunch like a dog
Bwoy jus' a run dem tongue like a gyal
Pass me the wall cutter, head a bounce like a ball
New era a evil, Young General
When pussy violate a no Feds me go call
Me rise up a strap with the light 'pon the top
Then me line up a trap fi go bind up your block
When the 9 just a clap, some guys just a act
One bag a talk me a advise you fi stop
To police dem a squeal, me have poison fi rat
Just get a deal fi go license the Glock
So you know that legal
Fi kick dem up like Stephen Seagal

[Interlude 1]
Hold on deh Razzy
Me spliff out
Me dem a Bomboclaat play with

[Verse 2]
You we never see Masicka quarrel
Strap with a barrel, fi knock inna forehead
A knockiss me par with, diss, that is retarded
White shirt red like it drop inna sorrell
Nah act like show weh you watch inna Carib
Kidnap your kid plus the catty you married
When me say dog, a no Rotti me guard with
Shot mek skin peel like it drop inna acid
No fingerprint 'cause me walk with a gloves
Never turn up a court 'cause the Lord a me judge
Can't catch me a stray me no party a club
Can't trick me with gyal me no fall inna love
Middle day, me a walk with a slug
Shot a fall like rain, a your yard it a flood
No garlic no rub 'pon me knife
Think a gyal yah fight
Pussyhole you a war with a thug
Go tell any one a me foes
The bomber deh close, turn man inna ghost
Razzy the Maggi sound like somebody weh hoarse
It polish like furniture from inna Courts
Smooth grip it no mek me hand middle course
Pebbles inna face, damage your pores
Me getting the money, banging the whores
Shot a kick, like Jackie Chan in the shows

[Interlude 2]
Dem fi know we bad
Dem fi know we bad
Dem fi know
Me say dem fi know we bad
Kurrent a kick enuh, dawgd
Baddest thing alive right now

[Verse 2]
Think a that
A the MAK-90 me send Shane go buy
Gi' dem head shot, 'bout head hot
No fear no guy, Face a fry
Gun sing like Air Supply
When this clap, road block, not even plane no fly
Richie, every man 'pon the lane a killer
Diss me, every man inna dem lane a die
If you hear say Masicka gi' dem drape a lie
Like the tax 'pon the patty shot we raise up high
So a funeral, the whole place a cry
Buss the witness throat when the case a try
Run inna your yard, gate a fly
The boy wake a try, escape the I
Me lace a tie, round your bloodclaat neck
Ratchet up inna your face, misplace your eye
Under me spliff and rum, blood thick and run
So that take couple days fi dry

Kurrent a kick

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