Masicka - Lyrical Surgeon Freestyle

You know a Urban Monday's
A Masicka, enuh
And ZJ Chrome
And you know me talk me mind all the while
Mad enuh...
Hold on then

Bad from I land 'pon the island
Freestyle, but me no take style
And Samantha J sing 'bout, "Tight up skirt", and you know say 'donia go buy one?
So a Popcaan chicken you 'par with? Chrome, throw the two of dem inna a frying pan
Dem feel like dem can't get beaten true Kartel gone a Horizon
You no see a young general a walk road?
Hey, likkle bwoy, open your eyes
And every gyal waan dive 'pon me Divan
And all she a gwaan like Ivan
She a say me can't pop, like Nylon
Me a tell you wha' fi do, a no Simon
A she keep me shine like a diamond...
Chinwa, me girl from Thailand
Monkey a run, me must catch you
Me style dem sick like me just catch flu
A who that? Bounty just step through
Wha' you say you waan do? Share your due's?
"Level! This is Rodney Price
Tell that black eyed fished deh, I'm not so nice
Dem a stupid, dem nah act so wise
A where skirt and a talk 'bout ras', a lies"
And me say TNS, and me say Urban
A Masicka, the lyrical surgeon
TNS, Urban
TNS, Urban
TNS, Urban

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