Masicka - Eaton (Kalado Diss)

Yo, Kalado
Inna real bomboclaat life, youth
So you no know you haffi change your name before you war gunman?
Your birth name a Eaton Gordon
Your mother know you born fi suck pussy
You can diss badman?

Beg which bloodclaat fren from bwoy you mussi idiot
Gun shot any pussyole a just we that
Steal knock inna your pussy face the nozzle real hot
You correct name a Eaton, squeeze one, your knee pap
Your big pussy mother know you born fi eat cat
Three slap the freak black bloody like a meat shop
Career done crash, now a time fi heart beat stop
When man a beat strap dem have dem head underneath frock
Boom! Bwoy congo a and, me no broke me we broke a neck
Me son go a prep
See me gyal dem and push out da tongue deh a death
Dem kill bow cat fast, fast run go fi the tek
Ya thirty one and hungry same way you muss a fret
Me hold you mother mouth and stab it out hard and buss a sweat
Born bad you just a step, we have the 'K weh Russia mek
A that me use shot dizzy and him no recover yet
Crocodile is a reptile, you dunce like bat
Send yourself go a school next time you get a check
Calabar wha' gwaan from me inna a epaulette
The three star inna me crep, me nah itch fi tek your breath
The suck cocky wretch big pussyole stretch
Weh you use voice your intro she me waan ketch
Fuck her in her mouth and cum 'pon her breast
You and Kalado sex life you a talk pest
A gun man a press, pussy dem a digest
Shot a pump inna chest doh test, we bun flesh
A sting you waan go, 'cause you flop a Sumfest
Doh try nyam out the lyrical contest
A gun man a push up, every man a drop flat
You email Corey a call and a WhatsApp
A say you waan help no dadda chop wax
So the stiff tongue bwoy have a bag a bad chat
Bare rifle me buy, boom, 'pon a knock knock
One a clock shot broad day mother shock shock
Call which Babylon inna face we chop cop
'Bout real alliance, pussy you a top sprat
Portmore, who we a bloodclaat bleach 'pon
Eaton, pull up inna the Nissan, reach fi the piece and
Jesus peez and dem mother better keep strong
Find dem faceless, rifle weh we slam
Demarco box who?Yyou inna dream land
'K dem no empty the fucking 16 ram
One inna your pussy face we no carry lean hand
Funeral me plan, pastor, deacon
Your meds dutty pussy your face a sleep 'pon
Eaton, eat anything that he can
My fren run with your pussy when you see him and call me fi the hot fuck cah man a real don
Bruk like a dawg the pussy floss out the three song
Drop dem a drop a me you a try lean 'pon
Lyrics dem a fuckrey, flow, you need one
Your baby mother Dania- my cocky she nyam
Facts me a talk anything you hear me speak 'pon
She say your money short short, but your tongue real long
Regular she truck inna your face, Leyland
Lose your meds 'cause a pussy you a feed 'pon

A wha' do you eediat bloodclaat bwoy?
(Killa never teach you dem thing deh)
Bag a nyamming argument inna the bloodclaat war, you a fucking idiot
(Yah disgrace Alliance)
Man a real bomboclaat badman
Common, Grants Pen, Jarret Lane (diss this now)
Jungle, Rema, Cockburn Pen (your father molest you as a child)
Pussy, you cyaan go a road again
Me nah ask you that, me a tell you that
(Or a true you mother never send you go a school?)
Genah-bloodclaat-Syde (pussy you dunce like bat)
Anyboy, anyweh, gunshot a fire, hardball, pussy
(Anyweh me see you, one hard box inna your face, 'member that)

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