Masicka - Dread

[Intro: Barry Brown]
Hmm... nanananana... lalalalala
Yes, yes, yes
It a go dread...

It a go dread
Yes, yes, yes
It a go dread...


[Verse 1: Masicka]
Hold on
Me never 'fraid when me walk these road
Pistol 'pon me waist and me khaki suit
Bun Babylon, inna the sarge me shoot
Me do songs fi the thugs weh dem waan this mute
Waan dispute, dem a say fi ban this youth
Me by meself, bring dem strongest group
And dem troop, Jah wipe your plan dem suke
Fi money an' jewellery an' bran dem stoop
Me gun buss loud an' me gyal dem cute
Real bad bwoy inna problem, youth
Me no bad inna song inna booth
If dem diss me an' Govi a shoot

[Chorus: Barry Brown]
No, no, no, it a go dread
No, no, no, it a go dread

[Verse 2]
Hold on
From dem diss man a corn dem straight
Body just a jump so, Harlem Shake
Dem no waan share the food, me disarm dem plate
Cah dem hate fi see youth start live great
Me friend dem weh drop out me heart it break
Any man kill you, mek a sad mistake
Gun deh 'pon repeat like a bad mixtape
And no bullet inna feet cah me hand dem straight
From dem born dem fake, so me call dem snake
Snake inna the grass, me a warn dem straight
Brawling inna the morning nah corn dem late
A shark an' take a no hall an' drape
It a go dread, you diss an' you dead
Hollow tip a your head

[Outro: Masicka]
Yes, yes, yes
Kurrent a kick enuh
It a go dread...
You know how the thing go
Young General, Equiknoxx
Yes, yes, yes
It a go dread...


This song uses the sample of It A Go Dread by Barry Brown.

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