Masicka - 4G

[Intro: Masicka & Sample]
Give I some more of your meditation
You know Masicka represent
Oh, it give I inspiration
King Tubby
Equiknoxx to the world
Grabber green, right deh so
A the next one
A yah so?

[Verse 1: Masicka]
Grabber green, gun and girl, 4G like the internet
Up, everything connect, the words dem weh the ink a mek
Mek cash like weh the brinks a get
Delinta said me intellect
My blessing dem waan intercept
The link a step, some wimp a fret
Colder than the winter
Yet dem think a death, dem incorrect
Like number with the SIM collect
We, we store shot from the introtect
Interject, in a sec you we sprint weh, yeh, no mean a bet
Wink a mek
When the gyal dem see me draws no pink a wet
No sympathy, me bring shotty cah bwoy no waan the king happy
Dem think crappy, yeah, in copy
Me style me image, dem kidnap eeh
Bugs a still claffy, and man we kill daffy
'Pon the lane we build trappy
When Feds a come, we still clap eeh
Why dem waan fi temp' me though? 21 century flow
The entry slow, but then me grow
So tell me before dem spell me now
Me shell the show, so send me dough
Me friends me owe fi help me row
Fi get the dough, hell me know

[Bridge: Sample & Masicka]
I got feelings to say what I wanna say, yeah
Give I the feelings to do what I want to do right now

Well, I say to you
Or you want some more?

[Verse 2]
Up like the inter-, up, up like the internet
Like the internet
Up like the inter-
4G like the inter-, up
Up like the internet
And everything correct, yeah, everything correct
Like the internet, some wimp a fret
The lyrical king, a mek a king a step

You know how the thing go?
Flow god, lyrics god
That's why me say
Me say me up like the in-oh-oh-up
Up, like the inter-
Up, like the inter-, oh-oh-up like the inter-
A sick thing
Equiknoxx to the world
You know just so we smoke and vibe
You see me a say
We do it because we love it
And we can do it every day
Five doing a day
You know how the thing go?
Right now me up like the inter-
Up, up like the inter-
Up like the inter-, up, up like the inter-

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