Lord Laro - Women Rule

They say women will rule
This world in time to come
It will be a heck of a thing
To see a woman ruling she husband
Saying you got to wash
Don't forget to cook
Or see about the children and all
Because she have to go
To play cricket and play football

Imagine, men washing the dishes
Women gone to work
Then your wife come home drunk on payday
Beat you up, she a making joke
Imagine, women organising
Beauty contest for we
And a some hard fool fellas like me
Walking 'cross the stage in a bikini, imagine

There'll be a woman government
That will be foolishness
For in parliament
They'll be only discussing people business
Will be she said, that she said
That they said that all a dem said
The prime minister
You know she cooked sour fish yesterday

Imagine, men washing the dishes
Women gone to work
And your wife siddung in the wrong bar
Cracking them dirty jokes
Imagine, you have a wild woman
Lord, she running 'bout wild
You bring she up for maintenance
And she sayin' she and I need a child, imagine

Women will be coast guards, police and soldiers
Big bus drivers, labourers, even scavengers
If you have an ex woman with your wife
She sure to beat you bad
Saying it's for you I working hard
While you bring in a girl in me yard

Imagine, a big creole man
Washing he wife on the clothes
Or he forget to sew she nightie
And she have kill him with those, just imagine
That a big fat man, bawling out he is in pain
And he tellin' he wife Eileen
You see, you make me pregnant again

Hmmmm, hmm
What a world

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