Linton Kwesi Johnson - Wat About Di Workin' Claas?

From Inglan to Poland
Every step across di ocean
The ruling class is dem in a mess, oh yes
Di capitalist system are regress
But di Sovjet system nah progress
So wich one of dem yuh think is best
When di two of dem work as a contest
When crisis is di order of di day
When so much people cryin' out for change nowadays

So what about di workin' claas? Comrade Chairman.
What about di workin' claas?
Dem pay the cost, dem carry the cross
An' dem nah go forget dem tanks in Gdansk
Dem nah go forget dem tanks

From the east to the west
To di land I love the bes'
The ruling classes dem is in a mess, oh yes
Crisis is di order of di day
Di workers dem demandin' more pay every day
Di peasants want a lot more say nowadays
Di youth dem rebellin' everywhere, everywhere
Insurrection is the order of the day
Is a lot of people cryin' out for change nowadays

Nah badda blame it 'pon the black working class, Mr. Racist
Blame it 'pon the ruling class
Blame it 'pon your capitalist boss
We pay the costs, we suffer the loss
And we nah go forget new New Craas
We nah go forget New Craas

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