Linton Kwesi Johnson - Bass Culture

Muzik of blood, black reared
Pain rooted, heart geared

All tensed up
In the bubble and the bounce
And the leap an' the weight drop

Is is the beat of the heart
This pulsing of blood
That is a bublin' bass
A bad bad beat
Pushin' against the wall
Whey bar black blood

An' is a whole heappa
Passion a gather
Like a frightful form
Like a righteous harm
Giving off wild like is madness

Hot out deh
Hotta than di heights of fire
Livin' heat down volcano core
Is di cultural wave a dread people deal

Spirits riled an' rise an' rail thunda-wise
Latent powa
In a form resemblin' madness
Like violence is di show
Burstin' outta slave shackle
Look ya! Boun' fi harm di wicked


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