Laurel Aitken - Woppi King

They say, when you die, and after burial
You come back like an insect or animal
I hear some people come back as a mule
Some come back as a sow
And some come back like a cow
Well, I can't say much about that
Because I never hear of anyone who dead
And come back and tell we how they stay
All I know, that people, who died, twenty, thirty years ago
Form an association in hell
And writing living people
Telling them the condition down there
Well, Woppi King is the head of everything
Him give all the orders
And "Two Gun" Rhygin, from Lime Cay
Daughter Bartley; Sorill, from Coronation Market
Doctor Sploom, the one, weh kill the man dog
And was roasting it in the back yard and a man shoot him
Hilton, that come from America, when somebody write him
And tell him say him wife have a man, poor fella
And him take him gum and shoot him wife, under a cellar
Well, the whole of them are under pressure, down there
Well, I know that you must know Professor Brown
Him is still, in him bloom, inviting people in him dark room
But one thing again, they can't get no cherish a buy
They can't get no music, them can't get no cherish
So, Woppi King write about him sound system man
And write Count Suckle from Paddington
Jim Dandy from Brixton
Duke Neville and Duke Sonny, from Birmingham
And Bishop the High Priest
And Count Bust the Black Prince from Brixton
Asking them if them can come play fe him Easter Monday night
Because the man have a big dance in hell
But I hear say, Woppi King
Have a sound system fi himself, named "The Scorpion"
But him can't get no record

Well, the gyal who a dead in a the Kendall crash
It she send the cherash
Well, Woppi King and "Two Gun" Rhygin did have a big fight
Still, Doctor Sploom get involve
And draw him knife
So, Professor Brown decide fe part
Woppi King lick the man with a banana stalk
And send him reeling like a handcart
Anyhow, Rubaal and Dyas
And Ken Cott, send them regards
And Woppi King..

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