Laurel Aitken - Rice And Peas

Just stop and listen a while
And I'll sing you a little song
Every man will agree
What I'm singing, I am not wrong
Just understand
And then you talk as much as you please
There's nothing so sweet
Like a good plate of rice and peas

You put in the peas
And you let it remain and boil
You throw in the milk
And you start to sing with a smile
You put in the rice
With a big ?? of coconut oil
Don't make duppy fool you
When the rice and peas start to boil

This ya, fi mumma
You put a handful inna the pot
This ya, fi pupa
And this ya likkle bit, haffi rot
This ya fi Lizzy
And this ya fi Aunty Nell
This ya fi fire
And the rice and peas sure to swell

When the pot is cooked
Every man face is looking fat
Rice and peas, you share it
With a little watch man a top
Puppa, him get vex
And fall down upon his knees and bawl out
Mumma, have kill me dead
But no shorten me rice and peas


When the pot is cooked
Every man face is looking fat...

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