Laurel Aitken - Fire (In Your Wire)

The whole long night
It was like a big fight
And I beg, and beg and beg
But she wouldn't give me
She just seh she nah give me - heh
So me just get vex (fire)
And me tear off the curtain (fire now)
To make certain (fire)
It was like fire (fire now)
Fire in me wire (fire)
Me seh it was like fire in me wire (fire now)

You're talking about ruff rider
And ruff grinder
Neither ruff grinder nor ruff
Couldn't trouble this woman yah
It was so hot
That the mattress start to burn
So, a this time
I don't know if you fe turn
Me take a chance, fi run under the bed - heh
But me buck me head (fire)
Me seh, when she move (fire now)
A start fe mek the sign a the cross (fire)
Because (fire now)
Me seh, this time I gwine dead (fire)
(Fire now)
It was like fire, in me wire
It was like fire, right into me wire

From that night (fire)
Me never no vex so often (fire now)
Because (fire)
Six weeks after (fire now)
I did a walk with stick (fire)
It come like I get a hundred lick (fire now)
With a coco macaque stick
It was like fire (fire)
Fire into me wire (fire now), heh

(Fire) Ruff rider (fire now)
Ruff grinder (fire)
And all the ruffness (fire now)
Couldn't go with this one ya (fire)
It was like fire in me wire (fire now)
Fire in me wire

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